Mission and Goals of Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS)
In order to provide the opportunity for greater academic, career, and social success, it is the goal of Baltimore County Public Schools to ensure that students attend school on a regular basis. Good attendance positively impacts academic performance and leads to maximum student potential. In an increasingly technological society, our students need to graduate from school with academic and life survival skills that will make them competitive and socially secure in modern society.

Baltimore County Public Schools is committed to finding ways to encourage students to attend school regularly. School personnel, parents, and communities must work together to keep students focused on the goals of finishing school and earning a high school diploma. Schools are encouraged to implement policies that support systemwide attendance goals and maintain high expectations concerning student attendance. The development and implementation of the school system’s goals must have the direct involvement and cooperation of parents and the community.

The Code of Maryland Regularion (COMAR) 13A.08.01 (Students – general Regulations) requires that all public school systems have a student attendance policy. Baltimore County Public Schools Attendance Policy 5120 complies with state law.

Attendance Rate
Attendance is reported first on each report card.  In the attendance area, you will see the number of days absent, the number of days late, and the attendance rate (the percentage of enrolled days present).  Attendance is important to student achievement.  The Maryland State Department of Education's standard for satisfactory attendance is 94%.  Many school systems have adopted an Exemplary Attendance rate of 96% or better with no unlawful absences.  With the knowledge that absenteeism affects a child for a lifetime, Baltimore County Public Schools encourages families and students to set high attendance expectations.

Parent Responsibility
First and foremost, the parent/guardian is responsible for his/her child's regular on-time school attendance under the Maryland Compulsory School Attendance law.  In addition, the parent/guardian is expected to provide their child with a signed, written statement accounting for the reason and date(s) of the absence to be presented upon the child's return to school for excused absences.  At the discretion of the principal, a written statement from a physician may be required in the case of excessive or extended absences.  Absences not accounted for in writing by the parent or doctor will be coded "other unlawful". 

Lawful Absences
Death in the immediate family
Illness of the student 
Court summons
Religious Holiday

Make-up Work
Students absent for lawful reasons may request make-up work.  All other absences (including vacations) are considered unlawful.  Students absent for unlawful reasons are not entitled to make up work.

Woodholme's Attendance Incentives
Students who have an attendance rate of 95% or higher and 4 or fewer late arrivals will receive an Attendance Certificate each quarter.

Parent Notification
Students who have an attendance rate of 90% or below and/or more than 4 days tardy each quarter will be informed through written communication from an administrator.