Moving or Moved?

Student Registration and Moving Tips

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If you are moving or have moved, according to the Board of Education Policy and Superintendent’s Rule 5140 Students:  Enrollment and Attendance, A parent shall notify the school of any change in the domicile or change in the reason for which special permission was approved. Failure to notify the school within fifteen (15) business days of any change may result in the student being withdrawn from school.” 

If you need to withdraw your child from Woodholme Elementary, please contact the main office at 443-809-6700.  She will provide the necessary paperwork so that the transition to the new school will be smooth. Please give us at least 2 days notice to prepare the paperwork.


Registration Information
Registration packets must be obtained from the office in advance and an appointment is necessary to register your child.

Age Requirements:

  • Children must be at least 5 years of age on or before September 1st to be eligible for Kindergarten
  • Students eligible for Pre-School 3 or Pre-Kindergarten must contact Woodholme to see if your child qualifies. 
  • Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten programs are held at Winand Elementary School

If your child was born outside of the United States:

  • Please contact the Office of World Languages to make an appointment before you come to the school to register.

                     The Office of World Languages
                           Phone:  443-809-6756
                             Fax:  410-494-4575