Pre-K Registration

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PRE-KINDERGARTEN-held at Winand Elementary

Pre-K at Winand Information Letter

We are so excited for our Pre-K friends to start their school experience! While we truly want our new friends to enjoy our building, we currently do not have enough space. Winand Elementary School, located at 8301 Scotts Level Road, Baltimore, MD 21208, has graciously opened their doors for our Pre-K families. For your convenience, Woodholme Elementary is responsible for registering all pre-k students!

Please note, once enrolled parents are responsible for transportation to and from school while attending Pre-K at Winand Elementary School. The Pre-K program is a 2 ½ hour program either in the morning or afternoon based on seat availability. Priority admission to Pre-K is income-based.


  • The child is 4 years old by September 1st.
  • The Parent/Guardian resides in the zone for Woodholme Elementary School.
  • The child is toilet trained.

If the above criteria are met, you will also need the following:

  1. Child’s Birth Certificate.
  2. Child’s Immunizations.
  3. Lease or Deed—must be current and in the parent/guardian’s name. If you do not have a lease or deed in your own name, please call or email Pupil Personnel Worker Mr. Lance Hawkins:
    1. 410-887-6940/41 (Office) 443-475-0277 (Cell) [email protected]
  4. 3 pieces of business mail—must have your name, address, and a date stamp within 60 days.
  5. Photo ID. State ID (with matching address), work ID, school ID, shopper’s club ID, passport, etc. Anything with your picture and name on it.
  6. Proof of Income (2 most recent paystubs, recent tax filings, or award letter and card if receiving assistance from the state)

Round up- a one-time only early registration day for PK and KG, that is held in early spring. Registrations for this day are on a first come, first serve basis and require an appointment. The link below is for EARLY REGISTRATION only and will expire once the day passes.

REGULAR Registrations - During the school year, call us to set up an appointment if you are looking to enroll as a transfer student, or new student who just moved into our area. If your child is eligible, we will register them throughout the school year.

For the upcoming school year- call us in June or after the last day of school to set up a summer registration appointment. If your child is eligible, we register all summer long to help ensure they are ready for the first day of school in September. 

Pre-K at Winand Interest Form Link